Back to work October is smiling to me from my agenda. Actually, it’s kind of mocking my sorry ass because I can’t really seem to get it all together these days, so naturally, I came here to brag a bit. This is my safe zone. On the bright side, I never had so…

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The Moodboard: October


  Until this very moment, I never took the time to acknowledge the existence of October. As I saw it, there was always September followed by two months of too hot for a winter coat, too cold for a trench kind of weather and then December. This year, due to blog needs, i sat down…

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What autumn 2016 sounds like


  My apartment has lots of gorgeous light during the day but yesterday I woke up to a dark, moody bedroom wondering if I accidentally overslept the whole Tuesday. I was, to say the least, confused, when I saw that it was just few minutes past 8 AM. There was only one possible answer to…

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Shut up and take my money


    Well, well, well, if it isn’t the coziest season of them all. In my dictionary, cozy means I’d have to spend the additional amount of money on cushions, tea cups and scented candles and right now, I’m on a highway to hell/bankruptcy, therefore, I’ve decided to try and talk about things I want…

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You really need to stop…


      The civilization we live in now pretty much relies on the fact that at some point in the past, a man decided he would not be an ape anymore. Good call! At the other end of town, Eve lets Adam eat the apple from the tree of knowledge and God’s wreath falls…

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