Instagram Talk III: Editing Apps I Love



Is there anyone out there who still uses a plain Instagram app for shooting, editing and filtering photos? I hope not. There are so many possibilities right now that it’s almost rude to raw-post, and because I’m a darling person, I decided to round up all the apps I ever used for phone photography. Ever. Tellin’ it all like it is, not sparing an app, but before we start, I just want you to know few thing:


  1. You can turn pretty much anything into a good Intagram shot if you know how.
  2. Yes, it’s all lies.
  3. No, I don’t care.
  4. As Mark Twain once said: Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. 




Overall look: I’ve been using this app from the very beginning and let me tell you something – their interface used to be sooo soooo much better back in the day. I’m still very fond of their filters and believe they do hold the first place on that matter.

Best for: Filters. I definitely recommend buying some filter collections from their store. There’s a nice preview so you can tell if it matches your style and the prices go from 1 – 11$.

Not so great for: With the latest update, VSCO grid is worse than ever (basically useless) and also a bit complicated to get used to, but basic editing options feel a bit better. The main problem I had with those options is quality of the photo after editing. I feel like they’ve already started working on it and I’m looking forward to more changes.

snap ili vsco










Overall look: Snapseed has been my number one for basic editing for three years now. Now and then I try something different, but somehow always go back to it. It takes some time to get used to at the beginning but once you do, you’ll see it’s very user friendly.

Best for: Basic editing and brush editing. Under the Tune Image option, you can adjust brightness, contras, shadows, ambiance, warmth and highlights. I also love Brush and Selective 

Not so great for: Filters. Snapseed has its own collection of filters that are, well, not so great. There is one filter I use though and that’s Noir which basically features a variety of black and white filters you can adjust as you please.

vsco ili seed










Overall look: This is the very first app I actually purchased on App Store (It was around 4$, I think). This app is the best when you want to give life to a dull photo.

Best for: Film effects. Dusty effects and Light Leak effects are the only ones I ever use, to be honest and if you’re trying to manage that new wave cool on Instagram, you’ll love them too, I promise!











Overall look: ColorStory used to have an ad that would constantly pop up on all my social media. I wasn’t annoyed by it though, cause it looked good and I am superficial like that. It’s free and comes with the possibility of in-app purchase.

Best for: Basic effects. My personal favorite is Flare. It works like a CPR for your photo. Wonders and magic!

color story










Overall look: I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this one. I probably just googled writing on photos app 😀 This app’s interface is poor all right, but it has a shitload of text options so it’s a keeper.

Best for: When you want to add that one handwritten word on your not so interesting photo use this app. It’s also good for adding text, it has a variety of great fonts you can choose from.

avala draw










Overall look: I know it says Facetune but I use it on everything except my selfies. It costs around 5$ and it’s worth it, it really is!

Best for: Color corrections and whitening the surfaces on your indoor shots or anything else you want whitened. A N Y T H I N G.











Overall look: I haven’t really explored all the possibilities of this app, but I think we’re on for a long ride. As I see it, this is an app for collages on the go. When you don’t have time or skill to make a collage on your computer, you can create simple collages in Photoshop Mix. Thank me later.

Best for: Collages? I still do my collages in regular Photoshop, but I do use this one for simple selfie collages I’m creating lately.












I know this one is just for iPad users but we really need to have a word about Procreate. Just in case. Now, I didn’t even buy this app, my dad purchased it for me 😀 He just loves investigating new trends and apps and he’s good at it, alright. Procreate app is THE BEST EVER! I do all my lettering and drawing on it. Variety of brushes you can personalize is unbelievable and the feeling is maybe even better than actual writing on paper. I can’t even imagine what you can do with it illustration wise, I’m more of a lettering gal. So, if you own an iPad Pro, give it a go, I can’t recommend it enough.


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