2017: Did we forget to have fun?



Everyone knows the first day of a New Year is just a Monday with a good PR. It’s well sold, so I’m not gonna try and sell some more of it. Also, no New Year resolutions for me this time. Maybe later. And don’t think I’m one of those haters who ignore all that new year new me attitude – I think it’s great to be able to think of a new year as a new beginning – It’s just that I don’t feel I can (or should) commit to any drastic changes right now, simple as that. I would however very much appreciate if I manage to eat less and eat healthier, that would be nice.



As we wait for Kylie to predict what awaits us in 2017, I’ll take the liberty of saying I feel like this might just be the year of having fun. Having fun making money, having fun spending that money, having fun with people you know and love and the new people you’re about to meet. Having all the fun in the world – simple as that. It may sound like there are more important things in this world than having fun but I would have to strongly disagree. And don’t believe me just yet, I will try and make a case for good old fun.




Having fun is the first step of wellbeing, to start with. Think of it this way: it’s like the part of your mental hygiene, like brushing your teeth but brain-wise. It is crucial. 

I often hear people talking about fun as it is something you’ve only given a certain amount of per life. Surely you’ve heard someone at your workplace say something like “I’m here to work, not to have fun”. No wonder you do a shit job, Sharon lol! UTTER NONSENSE! There is that one Kate Moss quote when her mother tells her she can’t have fun all the time and then Kate is all like “Why not?’ Why the fuck can’t I have fun all the time?”. I’m sure Kate’s idea of fun includes lots of drugs and alcohol, but other than that those are my thoughts exactly.



Now, let us focus on one, crucial question; If you actually CAN have fun all the time then why don’t you? What’s stopping you?

Is it some socially constructed model of behavior or could it simply be ::drumroll:: YOU! Spoiler alert: it’s probably you. Loosen up your buttons, babe! I want you to sit down and take a piece of paper and a pen. Then write down all the fun things and activities that come to mind. Go wild! So far, I have cake, pink boots, flamingos and Pinterest on my list. See? F U N.



I know I said I won’t be making resolutions just yet, but here – let this be my very first resolution of 2017. To add a spoonful of fun to everything I do, anytime: working, eating, walking, talking, loving… ‘Cause you see, if it isn’t fun, it just won’t work. 



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