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Until this very moment, I never took the time to acknowledge the existence of October. As I saw it, there was always September followed by two months of too hot for a winter coat, too cold for a trench kind of weather and then December. This year, due to blog needs, i sat down with myself to think about what October actually means to me. What I usually do this time of year? Do I like it?


One of my closest friends’ birthday is in two weeks, so that’s a plus… Other than that, I love the transition to bandanas and scarves and the general accepting of the fact that summer is long gone. However, most of all, I love staying in. The whole anticipation of a warm evening at home after a long day is what makes it all worth it and this October, I’m making it count – all five senses wise!





Just a few days ago I set up my very fist gallery wall which I wanted to do for some time now. Oh, my! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it all coming together, and I definitely plan on doing a post about the whole process. Pictured here, a portrait of Samuel Becket and a book cover for Baudelaire’s Fleurs du Mal. (see the whole wall HERE) Small changes in scenery always help me be more productive and inspired, so this one came just in time.

My obsession with cute trays is also taking its toll and I didn’t even know that’s a thing few months ago. This one has a real sad bear on in, so you can imagine it was a no-brainer. Also, I’ve recently purchased a unicorn ring holder (not pictured) so I’d say things are getting pretty serious.





Scented candles + whatever’s in the oven, please and thank you. The newest addition to our family is H&M Home Green tea & Bergamot baby that I brought from Budapest. I was also pleasantly suprised by H&M’s beauty counter, especially well designed packaging that stole my heart. Had to buy one of their body mists + hand creme (Cashmere Haze) and loved it so much, I’ve put my parfume on pause.





After a long day of vehicle horns and people cursing at each other I like to treat my ears with Stevie Nicks’ voice. My ears love it! And have you heard my Autumn Playlist that I shared with you in the previous post?





October is actually the best month for cuddling. You know it, I know it. However, softness of velvet cushions that are extremely hot right now is also a good thing to  hold on to during the chilly autumn evenings. There’s one just like that on my Shopping list from a week ago, check it out HERE.

This time, my choice of a magazine for a moodboard is slightly different than usual. I decided to start spending my money on international issues instead of regional ones despite the popular belief that local economy has to be supported at all costs. I just don’t feel that local content is gonna work for me anymore so there’s that. The autmn/winter issue of Dazed is just what I needed to bring back my enthusiasm. Shout out to distributors – We need THIS in Serbia! Make it happen!





I can’t stand it when someone refers to an apple as a “treat”. Let’s be real people, an apple can’t possibly be a treat to you unless it’s carefully snuggled in dough. Or an iPhone. However, I’ve been trying to eat better for the last two months so I really needed to get creative. One of the biggest surprises is definitely apple + peanut butter combo and it is delicious! That’s my go to snack at the moment which I highly recommend you try asap.

Calories don’t count on weekends, so I suggest you consider mastering the art of making a cocktail for the home party season to come. My choice was simple – Cuba Libre (works with Coke Zero, too)


Turns out, I love this month! Happy Octobering!


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