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Three months ago I traveled to Vienna to a David Gilmour concert and figured I should probably stay for a weekend and make the most out of it.

Yeah. Making a travel itinerary is so easy and so much fun. Pheew! Piece of cake, if you will. One million opened tabs and hotel/Air bnb deals is really my cup of tea.

Unless IT ISN’T. Honestly, can’t wait to be super rich so I can hire someone to do those things for me while I stand behind him/her nodding to indicate how happy I am.

Until then, I’m stuck with me, and luckily, me knows some places in Vienna you should definitely visit if you’re fishing for THE Instagram shoot.





You just can’t fit three breakfasts, two lunches, five coffee hours and two dinners in a day. Or can you? I sure wished that was possible since my Google map was a sky full of stars, as Coldplay likes to say. The best thing you can do is be aware of the fact that you can not manage to see everything on your list but the following places are the ones I really wish you pin and visit:



KAFFEMIK, find all the info HERE / The cuttest little coffee place with cozy atmosphere. Really makes you feel like a local. Also, great coffee!



BURG.RING1, find all the info HERE / One word: tiles. You will fall in love with this place the minute you walk in. Definitely my go to lunch place





PALMENHAUS, find all the info HERE / You should make this place your top 5 priority because believe me. Go there alone for a spectacular dessert and a glass of house wine. A true celebration of life as is.






MIRANDA BAR, find all the info HERE / Also, top 5 priority place. The friendliest staff ever will make your day and your cocktail and the perfectly designed interior will make you feel like Wes Anderson just might yell “CUT” all of the sudden.




SIMPLY RAW, find all the info HERE / The ultimate -morning after- place. Green tea + raw delicacies = life really makes sense after all.


You can also try DAS KOLIN for Sunday brunch, BRISTOL BAR for a classy cocktail or two and DISCO VOLANTE for the best pizza in town (they have a disco ball shaped owen, so…)





We stayed @ Ruby Marie Hotel on Mariahilfer Strasse and honestly, it doesn’t matter how long you’re staying – it just won’t be enough.

The cool, unpretentious atmosphere is what makes this place stand out from the long range of fancy hotels. Laid-back comfort instead of formalities. Inspiring people instead of pretty facades. Character and soul instead of polished surfaces. Simple as that!


And wait till you see their bar! If I’m being honest here, bar is as important as is a king bed with layered sheets. Especially if your main reason for visiting is a rock concert.

Speaking of which, every room in Ruby Marie Hotel has an in-room Marshall amp and a 24/7 rent a guitar possibility on reception so you can take it rather literally when I say that these guys ROCK!

If you’re more into spending some quiet time alone or in company, there is a Yoga space, a private theater and a library w/ galley where you can work, nap, read and indulge yourself in Løv Organic tea.

If you’re planning on visiting Vienna some time soon, be sure to have Ruby Marie on your radar. You can check out their special offers HERE.























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Obviously, I’m not gonna tell you where to go for a walk. Pretty much everything besides shopping streets such as Mariahilfer Strasse and Kaerntner Strasse is Insta-worthy. You can, however, plan your walking routes depending on what you’re most interested in (museums, design shops, parks or just plain wandering). I suggest you download an offline map of Vienna on Google Maps and pin the locations you plan on visiting. That way you can easily see what’s nearby while on the go.


















all photos by The Sad Bear // Marija Pecić

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