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Well this is just embarrassing. Been trying to finish this post for so long now, I think I need a new word for procrastinating. What actually happened is that I was/am?! on a vacation for a quite some time and now is kinda hard to go back to all things that need to be done. As I’m writing this, I realize that, after so many years, I finally have that September feeling going on at its full potential. The only thing that’s missing is a traditional stationary shopping with my mom but we can definitely arrange something.


Every year the same old story. It’s like I’m always hoping that one of those years summer’s gonna come and stay for good. I just never learn. And as I’m getting ready to say yet another goodbye, I can’t help but feel nostalgic. Because of that, I really wanted this mood board to be casual, bright, fluffy and spontaneous. Everything September usually isn’t. I want you to make it all about pampering and nourishing. A soulfood September. No calendar, no alarms, no pressure. Just a good ol’ fresh start – blank sheet with five easy peasy -ing steps:


♥ Nesting – Pick a corner of your home that you most enjoy spending time at. For me, it’s my bed. I’m not much of a sleepy head, I just like the general cosiness of a bedroom. Would have to agree with Zayn on this one – it is indeed a paradise.


♥ Learning – This September, try to learn something new. I’m currently trying to read more about digital advertising and advertising in general and would looove to hear your recommendations on that subject! If you know a book or a blog/website I should check up, let me know in the comments! Pictured above – Budi Voda, Igor Arih – so far so good 🙂


♥ Pampering – A little at-home-spa never killed nobody. I like to keep my body lotion + hand cream near me at all times, just in case I need a quick pick me up session. Body lotion, Douglas Vitamins and Shea Oil; Hand cream, Victoria’s secret Ultimate Hand Cream Coconut Milk – I got it as a gift (thank you girls!) and must say, this little thing is going to make your summer last longer, believe me!


♥ Shopping – Buy yourself a bathrobe. Or a fluffy pair of socks. Or a special pair of home slippers. Or a sleeping mask. Make your “me time” a bit more special and you’re gonna love it even more than you already do. You can find these soft pink babies HERE


♥ Bragging – Hell yes! I want to hear you praise your own name because, honestly, you rock. Just imagine this dull world without your wit and charm! Sad place, I know. So, give yourself some credit. Admire your own talents. Make yourself proud. Proud is definitely what I feel looking at this Trend Report I did for Elle Serbia September issue (on stands three more days). It’s just cool, what can I say. As you may know, this is the last project I’ve worked on as a graphic designer @ Elle Serbia before I quit so it kinda makes it even more special.


♥ Soundtrack – Whatever you do this September, bare in mind the following 🙂




Good luck on your September journey!


P.S. You can check my August mood board by scrolling through my Instagram feed, as I was too busy doing nothing to post anything here 😀


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