The Mood Board: July


Before we start, let us all have a moment to freak out over the fact that it’s July already. Not cool.


The last time I was ready for July was eight years ago while I was still in high school. I was basically Bryan Adams of summer of ’08. I didn’t have a band tho but I did have a pretty decent bikini body that I didn’t praise or show enough and I get that now. I had a semi-tragic platonic relationship with a boy who probably didn’t know I exist and that caused a few breakdowns along the way. I also had to be home before 1 AM which was tragic as teen tragic goes because everything happens after 1 AM, naturally. Good times!


Back to summer of ’16, and here I am. Feminism says that all you need for a beach body is to have a body and go to the beach, so there’s that. Good for me. Few semi-tragic and not so platonic (cringe) relationships later and I’m living with my boyfriend of four years who just bought us croissants for dinner, so yes – I would say it’s serious. I also get to come home whenever the hell I want to and I often choose that time to be around 11 PM. As it turns out, nothing ever happens after 1 AM, nor before that.


On to the moodboard!


♥ Fresh blooms – I showed up late on the Farmers’ market today and got two rose bouquets for the price of one because flower lady was already packing to leave. Early bird gets the worm, but I myself am not a big fan of worms. Roses on the other hand…


♥ Domestic thrift store – Before you go and buy some ridiculously expensive home decoration I strongly advise you to take a good look at your own basement or goods shed. I found this lovely lady (take a better look at the opening photo) at my grandmother’s pantry and I will come back for more as soon as I’m brave enough to walk past that one dress that once fit me like a glove and now it’s more like a sack of potatoes.


♥ Mani Mani Mani, must be funny – When it comes to nails, I stick to winning combo because as a 26 year old woman, I know better than to think that yellow nails are a good idea. My go to shades are Sole Mate and Ballet Slippersand it’s everything I ever wear on my nails in the summertime (or any other time). I’m currently wearing Ballet Slippers and I swear to you, someone’s gonna come pick me up for a Sunday golfing session any minute now!


♥ Plans in pastel – Moleskine Cahier pastel pocket size journal is what dreams are made of. I bought these three for my lady-boss girlfriends and you can shop it HERE, no shipping costs.


♥ Elle Serbia July Issue – Yes, it’s a regular here 🙂 I won’t tell you it’s a must have, but if you don’t own it already what are you even doing with your life?!


♥ Good karma – I started believing in karma after I broke up with my ex-ex boyfriend on a New Year’s Eve for no reason, and that’s apparently one of those things you don’t do if you want karma to have your back. Yes, it’s true, she’s a bitch, but only if you are. For instant good karma, try Rituals body care. My personal favorite – Ritual of Dao body cream.


♥ Nerd in a good way – These are all over my Instagram! I had to get me a new pair of glasses so I could retire my contacts for a while and with these babies it’s hard for me to even hate being blindish. Take a better look at them HERE.


♥ K is for Peeling – I got my hands on this little fella on last week’s Gozba (it was ah-mazing by the way!). K Piling is Serbian brand of natural and home made coffee peeling that comes in cute, minimalistic packaging. You’ll feel and see the results right away so it’s perfect for last minute holiday prepping. Shop it HERE


♥ Scented summer nights – Diptyque candles are one of those things you just need in your life. Yes, sure, your rent is due and you’re not sure about that job, but hey – you have a Diptyque candle, you’re a rock star, you got this! Got mine as a birthday gift along with my own candle snuffer that I’m weirdly obsessed with. Get it HERE.


♥ Odds and ends – Yes it’s an ceramic owl that can hold things for you and is cute and you’ll want to pet it! You can find it HERE.


♥ Pin it – Pinterest, my go to app for when I need to lose two hours real quickly. You can follow me HERE


♥ Narciso – Now, it may seem like these Mood Boards are Narciso Rodriguez sponsored posts, but that’s – sadly – not true. They just seem to get it right every time and I happen to get my hands on this one (Narciso Rodriguez Narciso EDP, 30ml) thanks to my mom who really knows best. The bottle is #goals, and the scent is so nice and soft and powder-like, you’ll want to wear it instead of your PJs (which is not a bad idea at all).


♥ The one! – I own too many lipsticks I put on just once and then forgot about but I don’t seem to be able to find that one shade for every occasion. Not until few days ago when I accidentally bought Essence Sheer and Shine in #Frosted lipstick out of boredom. Bingo! Barely there but still there, not to shiny, but dewy. Lovz it!


♥ That one book – Dust collector, that is. In my case, that’s Janson’s History of Art, the book that I love so much but always seem to neglect and forget about. The first Pinterest app out there and one of those books I’d hate to lend to anyone. If you feel like investing in a good read this summer, find it HERE.


♥ Home made ice tea – I wanted to make my own Ice tea ever since I saw The Bridges of Madison County and I finally did it – yesterday. Believe me, you’re gonna love this. It’s simple, healthy and fresh as hell!


1,5l water

2 tablespoon loose mint tea

4 lemons (three for juice, 1 for decoration)

3 peaches (juice or pieces)

1 tablespoon honey


Brew the tea, wait for it to reach the room temperature and then add other ingredients. Serve it with lots of ice and Voila!


♥ Soundtrack – Are you familiar with The War on Drugs‘ music? If not, give it a try! You can start with this one – Summer anthem forever!




Do share your July recommendations with me in the comments! Cheers! 

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