Los Angeles / Not a travel guide


  It was the summer of 2002 when I first discovered Charlie’s Angels movie. I’ve never seen a CA series before so, until this very day, Drew, Cameron and Lucy are original angels if you ask me (#millenial). I was already pretty obsessed with everything that has to do with Hollywood and USA when I…

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Instagram Talk III: Editing Apps I Love

kolaz intro

    Is there anyone out there who still uses a plain Instagram app for shooting, editing and filtering photos? I hope not. There are so many possibilities right now that it’s almost rude to raw-post, and because I’m a darling person, I decided to round up all the apps I ever used for phone…

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The Moodboard: October


  Until this very moment, I never took the time to acknowledge the existence of October. As I saw it, there was always September followed by two months of too hot for a winter coat, too cold for a trench kind of weather and then December. This year, due to blog needs, i sat down…

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Vienna: Instagram itinerary


    Three months ago I traveled to Vienna to a David Gilmour concert and figured I should probably stay for a weekend and make the most out of it. Yeah. Making a travel itinerary is so easy and so much fun. Pheew! Piece of cake, if you will. One million opened tabs and hotel/Air…

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