Make up talk: Going Bare

bare kolaz2

  I still remember the first time I wore makeup. I was 7ish at the time, and my mom got herself a brand new lipstick. We had this thing as a family, on weekends we would sometimes go to another (bigger) town for shopping. It was my favorite thing ever, they’d always get me something…

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Trends & Enemies


I Usually don’t mind being in the know when it comes to trends, but lately I’ve been repulsed by some of the clothes/furniture/aestetics that seem to be everywhere (social media and real life), so I came here to think out loud, naturally. You can now buy a Gucci bag and slippers at Zara, Mango &…

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10 Signs It’s Christmas Time


Today I stumbled upon an article on Vice “The 18 Things that will happen to you every year in December”. A delightful review of all inevitable feelings and situations this holiday month makes you face every winter so I thought what the hell, I’m gonna write my own list. I can be veeery pushy with…

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